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NM specializes in one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry, handmade greeting cards, nature photography and other unique accessories.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

3dots can make some incredible necklaces

Does it hurt your business when a jewelry designer promotes another jewelry designer? Probably! But who cares? How can you not support another designer, especially when their work is great? 3dots designs are great and therefore, I decided to ask designer Lucie Veilleux a few questions and risk taking sales away from myself and direct some to her.

1. How would you describe your jewelry?

My jewelry is pretty modern and simple. Some pieces have very clean lines, others have a more organic feel. I would say it is plain but original.

2. How long have you been making jewelry for?

I think I've been making jewelry since I was a child but these designs, I started making last summer. I was receiving lots of compliments on my necklaces when I was wearing them so I started selling some pieces to people and now I have a stand at my friend's hair salon.

3. How did you get into this line of work/hobby?

I've always been an artsy person. I studied Arts in college and now I work as a furniture maker. One day we received this new essence of wood which I thought was very beautiful and much darker then what we used to work with. When I had free time, I started creating things with the wood scraps. The first design I made is the "wood pieces bracelet." All my friends wanted to have their own! I realized there was potential there. I always have these ideas and visions in my head and I just love to make them become real.

4. Where does your inspiration come from? What sorts of things inspire your work? (Examples)

Many things inspire me. I'm really attracted to all geometric shapes, I just love 'em! I like to play with them and create dynamic or static designs. I'm also really into architecture and modern interior design. Nature is a wondrful inspiration source too.

5. Which is your favorite piece? Why?

It's hard to decide but I think my favorite piece at the moment is the "asymmetric wood necklace." I love it because it is different from a regular pendant and the way the shapes are imposed is really dynamic. I myself have it in so many colors. I get lots of compliments on them. It's not my most Etsy popular though.

6. What are some of your favorite Etsy shops or items? (provide up to four links)

Oh, there's so many talented people on Etsy, I could talk about it all day. I guess I'll have to choose. I'm jewelry addicted so many of my favorites are jewelry makers.
I'll start with locallibrary. I bought two necklaces from her and absolutly love 'em. Same design as this one, nite watch, but a different color.
The designer doesn't need publicity, she's already doing pretty well but I just love my necklaces too much not to mention her shop
I also love spindesign. It's a sister team who makes amazingly beautiful mobiles and jewelry: Spring Twist Mobile and Hourglass. Don't you think they're pretty?
Finally, not to look like a jewelry geek, I'll introduce you to jennski who makes wonderful prints! Modern and retro at the same time, I think it's just beautiful. See by yourself! Small Giclee Print

7. Since joining Etsy in January 2008, you have sold 52 items. How do you attract people to your shop?

When I joined Etsy, I hung out in the forums a lot to get noticed and I've been featured in a couple of blogs. I've been lucky enough to be on the front page a couple times which helped me. Because I'm a full time worker, I don't have time to maintain a blog or a website. So I just talk with other Etsians in the forums and relist once in a while to get views and try to get the right pair of eyes seing my creations. I've been lucky so far and I hope it will continue.

8. Is there any advice you would like to offer other Etsy sellers?

Be nice to other Etsy members, we are more than sellers, we are a community, a mass of creators. Try to relist and get noticed in the forums. And of course, give great product and service to your customers.

9. Are your items available anywhere other than Etsy?
At the moment, my jewelry is only avalaible on Etsy and at my friends hair salon "Pêle mêle" in Sherbrooke, Qc.

Business Information

Name:Lucie Veilleux

Business/Shop Name: 3dots

Location: Québec, Canada

Etsy URL: 3dots.etsy.com


ThePeachTree said...

I've seen so much of 3dots around Etsy and I just can't get enough of them! Great interview :)

. said...

Excellent interview. Your writing keeps my attention it is so interesting.

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