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Friday, June 27, 2008

Furnishing and Decorating Your Home - Etsy Style

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I submitted an application for an apartment. The apartment we are hoping to rent is by far smaller than our apartments now, meaning that a lot of our current furniture is useless. (No, we're not throwing it away. We will probably store some and donate the rest.) Immediately following submitting the papers, I got home and went onto Etsy to look at the furniture and home decoration available. I was surprised by just how many furniture items there were, and some weren't anywhere close to cheap. There were a few items I had in mind that I wanted to purchase: tables, shelves, lamps and clocks, in particular, I wanted to find a lamp that would match one I bought almost ten years ago at a garage sale. The lamp was made out of wood and shaped like part of a tree. I guess it was part of a tree! The lamp is so unique looking and until I searched Etsy, I have never seem anything quite like it. To my surprise, I found one shop on Etsy that had several lamps just like it. Maybe the same person made the one I have. Who knows?

If you are ever thinking of redoing your house or moving to a new one, there are so many great household and furniture items on Etsy. Clocks - if you need a clock, you have no reason to go anywhere else. There are a few shops with some incredible ones, including Imagery Limited, Spirit Lala Art, Eye Pop Art and Infinity Arts.

Lamps - Earth Sticks has the lamps I was talking about, and after looking at them even closer (online), I think they are even nicer than the one I have.

As for shelves, no one can beat A. Drauglis, who shapes and joins by hand each piece of wood.

Great handwheel-thrown pottery can be found at On the Rise Again's shop. I especially like artist Marianne Stebenne's pinch pots.

If you need night lights and candle holders, you should definitely stop by Brazan Design

Paulus Fine Furniture has some really awesome tables and so does dust furniture.

Some other great items I found are:

Bed of Nails - hand hammered with over 600+ galvanized 3" twist nails

Pine Footstool Hassock Box - has an upholstered top that lifts off

3 drawer primitive wall shelf - made from recycled barnwood

Custom Made Wood Towel Rack - contemporary and perfect for lofts

Pink Sakura Cut Paper Lamp - created entirely from paper and mat board

The above shops and items are just a few of my favorites and cover only a few of the items every house needs. Etsy is full of other incredible home decor and housewares, such as art, candles, magnets and more.


maceykatedesigns said...

Oh wow, I love love love that shelf!!

Gifts, Etc. said...

Oh my goodness, what incredible finds! Makes me wish I was moving so I could buy some of those things. lol Great post!

storybeader said...

great looking home decor ideas. Like you said, a bit expensive, but beautiful pieces for your home is something to keep forever.

ontheriseagain said...

Thank you for the mention. I have recently begun making asymmetrical pinch pots. You have a very nice blog.. I never seem to have enough time, and am in awe at those that are able to accomplish it all.

Walk in the Woods said...

LOVE the 19! Not to mention everything in this post! Swell blog!

Parallax Photo said...

Great finds! Have fun decorating your new place

Cindy Cage said...

Thanks for the support! If you get some of things you showcased you'll have a lovely apartment. I enjoyed getting to know you and reading your blog. I'll be back!

RainbowMom said...

You found some really incredible items! I'm crazy about the address sign and the driftwood table base I found in Earthsticks! How fun. :)

Adaira said...

Yeah!! I love your home decor idea!!

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