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Monday, August 18, 2008

Buying Babies BeanPickleSprout

BeanPickleSprout, what a great name! I think that's what originally drew me into Amy Knight's Etsy shop while once again searching for baby shower gifts. I've been searching Etsy for bibs and baby blankets for my cousin's baby shower for some time now. I'm still not sure of the date but I decided to get a head start and start marking favorites. I usually plan too late and end up having to buy things at a regular store. That's not going to happen this time! I swear!

If you look through my favorites you'll understand what's been holding me up buying. There are too many adorable baby items. Luckily, I was able to narrow down my selection when I found out my cousin is having a boy. That rules out pink! Well, in Poland, pink is for boys. That didn't go over too well at my other cousin's baby shower! A family friend from Poland bought a cute pink outfit as a gift but the baby was to be a boy. I think that outfit was returned.

Anyway, BeanPickleSprout, awesome name and even better shop. Amy makes such great baby items (and things for the kitchen too). Her designs are, in my mind, a mix between cute and chic. The colors and patterns are not exactly what you equate with a newborn baby but yet they are perfect. They are exactly what I am looking for - something out of the ordinary.

Having returned to Amy's shop several times (so far as a browser shopper) and each time spending a good deal of time there picking out what I like best, I decided I had to ask Amy a few questions - and so I did.

1. How would you describe your shop?

My shop has a variety of items for the little ones out there and also items for the home. I try to offer items that have a unique look and feel to them. I love mixing modern and vintage fabrics and like to use designs inspired by nature.

2. How long have you been making kitchen items and baby items for?

I started making the baby bibs in November of 2007 because my youngest son started teething. I absolutely despise velcro and couldn't find any modern looking bibs in the stores so designed my own with a snap! As for the pot holders, I came up with the idea (also in November of 2007) when I was pulling items out of the oven and the pot holders I purchased from the store slipped off of my hand. I thought to myself "if only they had a strap" and started making the design with the strap!

3. How did you get into this line of work/hobby?

I was working as a legal assistant prior to starting my Etsy business. I had no idea it would take off like it has and am truly lucky to be able to stay home and do what I love while spending time with my children! It really just kind of happened!

4. What is your favorite item in your shop? Why?

I love several items but I have to say that the Tree in the Coriander Pot Holder is my favorite. I love the combination of the fabrics and the deep colors remind me of my favorite season, Fall. The tree design is relatively new and popped into my head one night as I was falling asleep!

5. What are some of your favorite Etsy shops or items?

The talent that I find on a daily basis on Etsy just blows me away. I have quite a few favorite shops and you can see each and every one of them by clicking "Favorites" in my shop. Here are a few links to some of the shops that I check out every day:

khphillips.etsy.com - for the most unique, amazing pottery I have come across
sagittariusgallery.etsy.com - awesome fine art paintings
greybrocketshome.etsy.com - fantastic vintage finds
cafecarrie.etsy.com - scrabble tile necklaces that I already own quite the collection of - can't get enough!!

6. Since joining Etsy in June 2007, you have had 954 sales. How do you attract customers to your shop?

I have been lucky enough to be featured on a number of blogs which, in turn, brings people into my shop. I also try to list new designs almost daily and pop into the Etsy forums from time to time to meet new people.

7. You are obviously a great seller. What advice can you offer other Etsy sellers?

I am not really good at giving advice but can tell you this....once I updated my pictures and started making what I love, instead of making what I *thought* people would love, my sales took off and haven't really slowed since!

8. Are your items available anywhere other than etsy?

You can also find my items in the following shops:

Love Your Earth Boutique (4110 Tennyson St., Denver, CO)
The Paper Sparrow (288 River Street, Troy, NY)
Sophies Shoppe (Chattanooga, TN)
Bella Vita (Oakland, CA)
Cherry Blossom Boutique (Port Huron, MI)

Business Information:

Name: Amy Knight

Business/Shop Name: BeanPickleSprout

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Etsy URL: BeanPickleSprout.etsy.com

Thanks Amy!

Help me out, what should I get?

I think I need something for my kitchen too!


Kylie B said...

Oh wow I just love those bibs :)

storybeader said...

Oh, that orange turtle potholder is to DIE for. I've got a orange kitchen, and you know I love turtles.

Walk in the Woods said...

Sweet items and interview. And yes - art comes from the heart no matter what form it takes, so making what we LOVE if key! So nice to see others holding that wisdom of love! :)

5erg said...

Elephant bag is my fav :)
Great interview,
makes me want to interview someone too :D

ThePeachTree said...

Haha! Imagining what a bean pickle would look like :)

Cherry Lane Jane said...

She really does have a great shop! I hope you enjoy her stuff. I might have to get some too....there is a baby on the way for someone at work and it would fit there style!

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