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Monday, December 8, 2008

Write a Clear and Concise Seller Profile that Sparks Interest

Believe it or not, many buyers DO read seller profiles.

Writing a clear and concise profile that tells a little bit about yourself and your shop is key to reaching out to customers and drawing them into your shop. Don't be scared to tell a little bit about yourself. Let your buyers know you are human, not just another online store.

When writing your shop profile, there are a number of things you should keep in mind to make it both friendly and professional. There are ways in which you can strive to write a great profile page and maximize your opportunity to sell, while also providing critical info.

The first paragraph
Some would say the first paragraph is key, and that is true. Although, I would argue the first and second sentence of the first paragraph is most important. You want to grab your potential customer immediately. Many people do not read past a few sentences, and of those few sentences, they only retain a few words. Make sure your key messages are embedded in the beginning and you give the reader a reason to keep on reading.

Clearly defined layout
Make the remaining portion of your profile easy to read. Break things up rather than having long sentences and paragraphs. Use titles, making it simple for your readers to find the information they need or want.

Clear and concise wording
As silly as it may sound, when writing to a broad audience, write at an eight grade level. Remember that not everyone reads at the same level, and not everyones first language in English.

What should you include in your profile?

Tell readers a little bit about yourself as an artist/crafter - your background, history, how you started your business, what inspires you ...

Tell readers about your business and products - What is it that you sell? What makes them unique or special? What are you setting out to achieve with your business?

Most of all, include a piece of yourself in your profile, as you do in your art/craft.

Hope you found this informative.

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storybeader said...

thanks for the tips.

TiLT said...

very nice article...off to go update my profile :)

Mary Ann said...

Great tips. That's the part of Etsy I struggle with the most - the writing. All of it - profile, policies, descriptions.

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