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Nature Manipulated (NM) creates visual, wearable and practical art that reflects upon nature and all of its elements. At NM, we believe that everything is a part of nature, some things are just "nature manipulated."

NM specializes in one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry, handmade greeting cards, nature photography and other unique accessories.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Featured Artist/Shop Purple Flower Designs

Last month I went on an Etsy mission to find a new handbagthat I could sport to my new job. I wasn't quite sure what I waslooking for except that I needed something that could fit quite a bit of stuff. The bag also had to have pockets. I posted in the forums section and looked at tons of shops and items. As I searched it became harder and harder to decide. I found so many styles and patterns I liked but none of them were perfect. I was so indecisive but something kept making me come back to Purple Flower Designs' shop. Jenny Van Horne, Purple Flower Designs' had an abundance of bags and all were so beautiful. The fabrics were stunning and the styles were plentiful. That's when I sent Jenny a message asking if she would custom design me a bag. She immediately responded that she would be glad to. I chose a handbag style and fabric from her shop and less than a week later I learned that the bag was ready to be purchased. Shortly after, I received the beautiul bag (shown above).

Jenny has been making handbags for almost two years although she has been making clothes for 20. Her sewing experience is undoubtedly visible in her incredible craftsmanship. Jenny told me that her grandmother used to sew. When her grandmother passed away she left her some money and Jenny decided to use it to start up her business. Jenny's grandmother plays a big part in her work. With each piece she asks herself if her grandmother would be proud of it. Reflecting back on her grandmother keeps the quality of her work high and the designs eclectic.

When I asked Jenny how she would describe her shop she answered, "sometimes the products are fun, sometimes they are pretty and sometimes they can be both. You never know what you are going to find because I get bored doing the same thing and I like to experiment." Jenny's work is greatly inspired by nature, beautiful lines and curves, and color harmony. She aims to keep colors working together and does so flawlessly.

Jenny's favorite color is purple so almost anything with that color is a favorite of hers. When I asked for her to submit specific examples, Jenny picked: "Grey and Burgundy Floral Applique Handbag," "Bookbag in Amethyst Skies," and "Cherry Blossoms in the Spring Messenger Bag." It's funny that the three items she chose are all sold already (and mine isn't one of them).

You can find Purple Flower Designs' products in three places. On Vancouver Island you can find them at the West Coast Community Craft Shop and Salts Boutique. For people like me, a much more convenient location (online) is purpleflowerdesigns.etsy.com

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