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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

On My Way to Sock Monkey Jungle

If there is anyplace in the world I want to go when I am down and out, it's Sock Monkey Jungle. Bluesaphire's Etsy shop, Sock Monkey Jungle is one of the greatest I have seen. I visit her shop several times a week just to put a smile on my face. Seriously, I do! Her sock monkeys are incredible. They are colorful, cheerful and absolutely adorable.

I've shown Bluesaphire's shop to several of my co-workers and what was their reaction? They smiled too. Unfortunately, they were not willing to purchase one. It strange how people are willing to spend money on things that bring aggravation but not on things that bring ONLY happiness.

To get back on track, sock monkeys fascinate me. There seems to be a sock monkey craze going on. I see more and more of them popping up. Great for a person obsessed with monkeys (like me)! But what is it about sock monkeys? Why monkeys? Why socks?

Since I couldn't figure out the answers for myself, I decided to ask Bluesaphire a little bit about her shop and the monkeys she creates.

1. How would you describe your shop/business?

I would describe my shop as fun and definitely cute! I specialize in making good quality Unique Sock Monkeys that are great unpredictable and personal gifts to give, and also to love and own for yourself!

2. How long have you been making sock monkeys for?

About 5 years ago I dabbled and tried but never got the *look* I wanted. After many failures, I kept trying. Eighteen months ago, I mastered my goals and have been making little lovely monkeys ever since, including custom orders and requests. :)

3. Does a sock monkey represent anything? Why monkeys?

Sock Monkeys are a traditional sock animal that has been made for many years. When times were hard and people were poor monkeys and elephants and all kinds of animals were created from socks to give to children. They are now a very collectible item. Antique sock monkeys are well sort after. My monkeys are very collectible too! Why monkeys??? Why not?!! They are soooo cute!

4. How did get into this line of work/hobby?

Well, I liked the sock monkey tradition and loved looking at the traditional type, red-heeled sock monkeys, although they were not pulling my heart's strings to own one and love one. So, the idea came to me to make the same type but funky, non-scary and cute.

5. Where does your inspiration come from? What sorts of things inspire your work?

Colors and textures are an inspiration. Feedback from friends and customers are also my inspiration, and watching people giggle when they see or hold them is another. Children who love them unconditionally! :) Lots of things always inspire me.

6. Which is your favorite monkey? Why?

I cannot possibly choose a favorite, as each one I have made, I love. They are all equally adorable to me. Each face is different and I see little characters in each of their eyes. I love them all!

7. What do you like to do when you are not crafting?

Shopping for craft items, lol! Spending time with my family is most important of course, but my monkeys are my second biggest love.

8. Are your items available anywhere other than Etsy?

I am considering a new website but for now I am happy to sell just on Etsy, as it's where I am settled with good friends.

Custom orders are welcome! If I can help you create your own character to love, then I am more than happy to be of service.

Business Details:

Business/Shop Name: Sock Monkey Jungle

Location: United Kingdom

Etsy URL: bluesaphire.etsy.com
Blog URL: sockmonkeyaddict.blogspot.com

Thanks Bluesaphire!


Nikki Sherritt said...

Love this interview!!

Sock Monkey Jungle said...

Thankyou so much for doing this interview about me you have done a wonderful job and i feel very happy and honoured!! Love & Blessings Bluesaphire xxx

Hyla Waldron said...

That was a lovely interview!

flowerbyfarha said...

I never thought I would be a sock monkey fanatic, but you might just convert me!

Your sock monkyes are so adorable!

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