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NM specializes in one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry, handmade greeting cards, nature photography and other unique accessories.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Newbies Ask Their Questions Round 8

Okay, I have no excuse this week for Newbies Ask Their Questions being late again other than I was too tired to post yesterday. Think I might make this post a Saturday thing. Much easier to get done than relying on myself to have enough energy Friday after work.

I think this week we do have some Artfire participation. Great! Please, if you have any selling handmade questions, please post them. You don't have to be on Etsy or Artfire. How you find this week's questions and answers helpful!


"I am stumped with the best way to fairly charge for postage -not understanding the second purchase bit. Does this mean if someone buys more then one item from me they would only pay $1.00 each for them? Or would it be $5.00 if the first quote is $4.00 and the second $1.00? How do I charge properly without paying for it myself?"

- smallwonders4u (Artfire)


"If a customer purchases two or more items from your shop, they will be charged the full/higher amount for the first item and the 'if shipped with something else' amount for each additional item. So let's say you have items marked as $4 shipping, $2 if shipped with another item, your customer will be charged $6 for two items or $8 for three items.

A good way of figuring out what you should charge is bring your items to the post office and figure out what it would cost to send one item on its own and then the additional cost of adding an item. If your items all weigh around the same, this will be easy. If they are different weights, you may want to go by the heaviest item(s). If you have different types of items in your shop, you can set shipping costs accordingly to sending those items.

- Nature Manipulated (Artfire & Etsy)


"When I read posts in the forums I often see people posting the work 'Marking'. What does that do? Is there a place in etsy that you can go to and look at all the posts that you marked?"

- SharpMtnCreations (Etsy)


"Marking is making a short post on a thread so when you come back to the forums, you find the topics you posted in in the right hand top corner."

- VeronicaRStudio (Etsy)

"Go to Forums and in the upper right hand side you should see a link called "Topics I've Posted In". If you click on that all the threads you've posted in will come up.

"On Artfire, go to your 'My Artfire' page; your latest posts are listed on the left hand side of the page."

- Nature Manipulated (Etsy & Artfire)

For those of you who are new to "Newbies Ask Their Questions" ... Every week I run a thread on Artfire and Etsy looking for new sellers and buyers to post their questions regarding the sites or general handmade marketing questions. From the threads I gather several questions to post in this weekly interactive series and encourage readers to provide answers and share their tips and advice.


Ongoing Artfire and Etsy Newbies Ask Their Questions forum threads can be found at:
Artfire Chatterbox
Etsy Forums


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

These are two questions I had as a new seller too...great answers for these questions!

Ani said...

It's great that you're doing this. There's so much to learn when you first start out, or even when you've been "here" for quite a long while--Thank you!

Splendid Little Stars said...

I have a scale at home that can weigh items up to 5 lbs. Then I go to USPS and see what it would cost to mail something of that weight. The distance the package travels might make a difference in the cost. Also, remember, packaging weighs something, too, so do figure that in as well!

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